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Reboring and Relining
Reboring your existing rifle barrel is an economical way to get a high quality barrel. The only acceptable process of re-rifling a barrel is to cut the rifling, button rifling will not work on tapered barrels. Cut rifling has been around for years and is a proven method of producing highly accurate barrels.

We will rebore rifle barrels that are 18 inches or longer. Minimum muzzle diameter for rebores up to .375 is .550. We do not rebore double rifles.

New custom cut rifled barrels are available. 

The following lists our rebore calibers.

Bore Dimension
.223 (.556 mm)
.243 (6mm)
.264 (6.5 mm)
.277 (6.8mm)
.284 (7mm)
.308 (7.62mm)
.316 (32 cal)
.323 (8mm)
.400 (38-40)
.413 (405 cal)
.429 (44 cal)
.458 (45 cal)
.508 (50 cal)

Relining is available for low pressure cartridges. We make step liners for tapered barrels that require reduced outside diameter at the muzzle. 
Muzzle Brakes - Seamless
We can install a muzzle brake for you that appears seamless. The gas holes in the muzzle brake have a 7 degree forward pitch which takes noise away from the shooter. The brakes are contoured to the taper of the barrel and when finished the brake is indistinguishable from the end of the barrel. 


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Please Note:  If you are considering having your rifle rebored to a larger caliber you need to know that there is some customer assumed risk! Seldom are there any problems associated with the process, but, you need to understand that occasionally we do lose a barrel during the rebore. Issues such as porosity or slag inclusions are beyond our control. We do not know exactly what the steel content is in factory barrels. Each manufacturer specifies their own mix of steel, and seem to change those specifications at irregular intervals. Most modern steels cut smoothly and cleanly, but some do not.