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Oregunsmithing, LLC is located in Pendleton, OR.  

Wayne York, the owner, has over 45 years of experience in gunsmithing. Wayne is a retired Oregon State Trooper. He was a gunsmith prior to his police career and continued it as a hobby during his career. Following retirement in 1999, he again became a full time gunmaker/gunsmith. Wayne shot competitively in Police Combat Shooting for many years and holds several state records and is co-holder of three national records. He is also an avid hunter and sportsman.

Wayne builds custom rifles, handguns and manufactures Pendleton Composite Stocks.  He provides custom services on rifles, handguns and shotguns. He is one of approximately six in the United States who offer reboring rifle barrel services. He also does relining.

He has built many types of rifles, including tactical/target, sporting, and his specialty ultra-light rifles.
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This is Wayne York with his once in a lifetime Rocky Mountain Goat.  Taken on September 11, 2005 by Wayne at the 8,350 ft level in the Wallowa Mountains of Northeast Oregon.  Wayne used one of his custom ultra-light rifles, chambered in .338-06 Improved, with a 210 gr Hornaday Interlock.  One shot downhill at 150 yards.  The goat was scored at around 49.  Horns measured over 10 inches in length.  
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Services and Price List
Oregunsmithing, LLC
W. Wayne York, Gunmaker
43906 Jerico Lane
Pendleton, OR  97801
Phone:  541-278-4177
Fax:  541-278-4797

CUSTOM RIFLES -Standard and Lightweight -  starting at $2,800
     Ultra-lite - starting at $3,500

Custom Pendleton Composite Stocks $635- $765
Epoxy Bedding (wood)                                        $90
Custom textured stock finish (composite)       $150
Install swivel studs                                                $20
Install recoil pad (does not include pad             $50

Oregunsmithing cut rifled barrel                        $750  (includes metal finishing)
Re-barrel – button rifled                                     $660   (includes metal finishing)

Re-boring – 6 groove cut rifling $300
                  - Rechamber base cartridge     $50
                  - Rechamber new cartridge       $75
Many low pressure barrels can be relined to the original caliber, thus keeping the outside original.
  22 LR                                            $250 & up
  25-30, 32-20, 218 Bee, Etc.          $395 & up
  32-40, 38-55, 38-56 & 45-70         $395 & up

No high pressure, stepped liners, or chamber bushings will be installed.
27” max length.  Longer on Special Order

Standard cartridges                                   $100
Correct headspace by setting barrel
    back 1 turn                                           $120 & up
    (Single shots & lever actions extra)
Cut and crown barrel                                 $50

Install customer barrel blank                     $350
Semi-auto & lever actions extra                 $50

Muzzle Brakes Installed, includes brake   $250
    Varmint Muzzle Brake                             $270
     BAR                                                       $290
     Rem VTR                                                $350
True bolt face                                          $50 & up
Open bolt face to accept larger cartridge   $90 & up
Set trigger pull, adjustable                    $50 & up
Set trigger pull, non-adjustable          $100 & up
Drill and tap receiver for scope mounts, setup   $30
   Per hole                                                        $10
Check headspace                                          $20
Bolt jewelling                                                 $100
Weld bolt handle                                           $150
Lap lugs, true action and bolt                        $150

Bluing – Rifle                                                $250
Bluing – Shotgun                                          $250
Bluing - Handguns                                        $150
Cerakote                                                       $250

Lengthen forcing cone/chamber                   $60
Open choke, per barrel                                 $60
Install screw-in choke                                    $150

Double action revolver tunes
    Duty or competition                                    $80
Single action revolvers – trigger set               $50

Custom work on semi-auto pistols, Colt, Para Ordinance, Sig-Sauer, Glock, Smith & Wesson, price on request

Prices gladly quoted on work not listed      Prices subject to change without notice

(updated 1-1-2015)

This Boone and Crocket antelope was taken in 2013 near Douglas, WY.  The horns are unique, since they make a full circle and touch at the top.  It scored over 81.  

Taken with my lightweight Sako 75 chambered in 25 York at 200 yards.

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